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Deck power washing
Sidings power washing

You need real power to eliminate stubborn stains and grime

Ever notice how after a big storm, that big oil stain on your driveway is as slick and shiny as ever?  Short of scrubbing on your knees, a power washer is the best way to remove ground-in dirt and soaked-in oil.

When you live close to the ocean, pure summer rain isn't the only water that ultimately collects on your roof. It also gets hit with corrosive salt, airborne bacteria, and a steady stream of industrial pollutants.


Let Xtreme Gutters & Roofing soft wash off these contaminants so they won't eat away at your shingles.

Even in the rainiest summer, it pays to wash your roof

Power Wash Home, Decks and more.

Give your home a long overdue bath. It's fast and affordable.

Once we bring our power washer to your residence, we can clean whatever you need — your siding, patio, roof, sidewalk, or deck.

Call 201-664-0055  to set up your power washing appointment.